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Two beef patties. Two slices of cheese in between the patties. If customers want to mix it up at In-N-Out, and don’t want bread to get in the way of their caloric experience, the Flying Dutchman is for them.

And according to a couple of food TikTokers, there’s a hack on top of this popular hack, though mileage may vary depending on different In-N-Out locations.

The video touting a version of the Flying Dutchman comes from TikToker @advenchas, who declares “BUNS NO MORE!” in a video paying homage to the hack from @grubwithgreg, a Southern California creator who specializes in restaurant and fast food content.

Claiming “steakhouse flavors for about $4,” @advenchas declares, “I will never eat In-N-Out the same way again.”

@advenchas BUNS NO MORE! Steakhouse flavors for about $4 bucks ##innout##hamburger##onions##foodhacksThanks to @@grubwithgreg ♬ original sound – advenchas

According to the #HackTheMenu site, a Flying Dutchman is “the most interesting ‘meal’ on the secret menu. It goes on to describe the hack as “two beef patties sandwiched around two slices of cheese. That’s it, that is the Flying Dutchman. There’s no lettuce, no wrapper and definitely no bun.”

The creator touts what Greg suggested: Adding grilled onions to both the top and the bottom of the “sandwich,” making the onion the “bun” rather than the meat patty itself.

“I squeeze a little yellow chili juice for that extra zing,” the creator adds. “This thing is filled with that umami beefy flavor.”

The creator also helpfully adds, “And don’t forget to use a couple of fries to attack that cheese paper,” referring to the bits of cheese melted on the paper the concoction’s served with.

In Greg’s version, he adds the Thousand Island-esque spread to the top. “This should be illegal,” he declares before creating an epic mess that forces him to wipe his mouth.

@grubwithgreg Thanks to @diegos_eats for showing us the onion wrapped flying dutchman at #innout ♬ original sound – grubwithgreg

Respondents to @advenchas had a range of experiences.

“You say I want a Flying Dutchman with whole grilled onions,” one said. “That’s it. I did it twice already.”

Someone responded, “I ordered this way two separate times and they didn’t do it. They just put onions inside and on top.”

“I went yesterday,” another reported. “They refused to make mine like that.”

“Bummer,” @advenchas responded. “Some people are saying they are having luck if they ask like this. ‘Flying Dutchman with whole grilled onion.’”

He added, “You might have to build it.”

One commenter suggested an additional hack. “Flying Dutchman with whole grilled onions pickles and chopped chilies,” they wrote.

That led the creator to respond, “O. M. G.”

“Been eating it like this since 2003,” someone reported. “The only way I eat in n out.”

However, some viewers were more cynical about the hacks. “Just order how they have it on the menu,” they said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @advenchas via TikTok comment and to In-N-Out via media relations website form.

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*First Published: Jun 20, 2023, 2:25 pm CDT

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