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The Truth NFTs were released on various platforms, including OpenSea, Binance NFT, and the AIDOGE NFT platform. The collection gained traction within the ArbDoge community. ‍

Truth AIDOGE NFTs Gain Momentum

Truth AIDOGE NFTs emerged as a promising addition to the ArbDoge AI meme coin ecosystem.

With their release on June 13 on OpenSea, Binance NFT, and the AIDOGE NFT platform, Truth AIDOGE NFTs gained traction within the AIDoge community. It marks the first release by ArbDoge.AI of an NFT series that AIGC and the community co-created. The minting limit of 10,000 NFTs ensures exclusivity, and any remaining unminted NFTs will be permanently removed at the end of the minting period.

One notable aspect of Truth AIDOGE NFTs is their innovative approach to royalty income distribution. NFT holders can actively participate in the ecosystem by staking their tokens and earning 50% of the royalty income. This unique system extends not only to the current collection but also includes potential derivative NFT collections in the future.

However, the journey of Truth AIDOGE NFTs has not been without challenges. A hacking incident sent shockwaves through the community, raising questions about the security and resilience of this promising project.

The Rise of Truth AIDOGE NFTs

The Truth AIDOGE NFT collection combines AIGC technology with a collaborative community-created NFT collection. The guiding principle of AIDO is to put the community first. In recognition of this, 500 AIDO NFTs have been exclusively reserved for community members to contribute their creativity, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging.

By owning a Truth AIDOGE NFT, individuals gain access to exclusive member channels and a variety of premium benefits. These benefits include the opportunity to acquire subsequent derivatives, participate in NFT airdrops, gain early access to new products, and engage in exclusive online and offline member activities. As an exclusive perk, AIDO NFT holders gain access to an exclusive Discord server. This creates a space for interaction, collaboration, and deeper engagement within the AIDO community.

A staking rewards pool has been launched, allowing NFT holders to participate in the ecosystem and receive royalties. Through the staking system, there will also be equity NFT airdrops, further rewarding community members.

After the minting process concludes, all unminted NFTs will be burned, preserving scarcity and exclusivity. Furthermore, the revenue generated from the Truth AIDOGE-AIDO Collection in $ETH will be used to buy back $ARB, which will then be distributed to $AICODE holders. This revenue-sharing model incentivizes ecosystem development and rewards community participation.


Limited Edition Truth AIDOGE NFTs NFTs

Minting of Truth AIDOGE NFTs occurred through different stages. The Binance NFT INO minted 1,000 NFTs, while an additional 9,000 NFTs were minted on the official website of ArbDoge.AI for a limited time.

The minting process involved a Whitelist Stage, where 2,000 mystery boxes were available. These boxes were priced at $200, equivalent in ETH. The Whitelist Stage consisted of two types: Guaranteed Whitelist and Allowlist. Guaranteed Whitelist slots were allocated to contributors such as community ambassadors, creators, collaborative NFT communities, and marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Allowlist slots were available on a first-come, first-served basis, with blue-chip NFT holders included in the whitelist through a snapshot. After 24 hours from the start of the sales, any remaining unsold NFTs were destroyed, ensuring scarcity and exclusivity.

Additionally, 50% of the transaction royalties from the collection are allocated to AIDO stakers, while the creators of the other 500 communities involved in the AIDO PFP collaboration permanently receive an additional 50% of the royalties.

The Hacking Incident

In an unfortunate turn of events, a hacking incident has occurred within the Truth AIDOGE NFT ecosystem. A hacker managed to gain unauthorized access to certain NFTs through an Oracle attack, compromising their integrity and security. 

As a response to this incident, the ArbDoge AI team took action to mitigate the impact and protect the community. The compromised NFTs were marked with a distinctive hacker watermark within three hours. This watermark serves as a visual indicator that these NFTs have been tampered with and should not be traded or engaged with in any way.

To further safeguard the community and the affected NFT holders, the revealed pictures of the hacked NFTs were temporarily disabled. This means that owners will not be able to view the images associated with their NFTs and cannot participate in staking and subsequent gameplay activities.

OpenSea has cooperated in addressing the issue and implementing necessary measures to protect the community’s interests.

The attack, however, prompted skepticism among community members about the NFT collections.

The current state of the Truth AIDOGE NFT collection stands as follows: the final supply is 3,288 NFTs, while 6,546 NFTs have been burned as part of ongoing processes. Unfortunately, 166 NFTs fell victim to the hacking incident.

Triumphs and Challenges of Truth AIDOGE NFTs

The Truth AIDOGE NFT collection has experienced both triumphs and challenges on its journey toward redefining the intersection of AI technology, community engagement, and creative expression. 

The Rise of Truth AIDOGE NFTs showcased a unique approach to exploring the truth of AI technology, emphasizing community building and sharing brand values. By embracing the power of AIGC technology and involving community members in the co-creation process, Truth AIDOGE sets itself apart from traditional NFT collections.

However, the hacking incident served as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by NFT projects and the need for robust security measures. ArbDoge AI ($AIDOGE) is currently trading at $0.0000000001589, down 3% n 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

What is ArbDogeAI:

ArbDoge AI is an experimental component of the Arbitrum ecosystem created entirely by artificial intelligence (AI). The AIDOGE deflationary token represents the ArbDoge AI community. With a supply of 210 quadrillions, AIDOGE is considered a deflationary token. Because ArbDoge AI was created without the assistance of VC institutions or team shares, the token is only available to community members. Anyone possessing the token may gain access to future chapters of the ArbDoge AI story. 

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