A Survivor Says Parents and Schools Combined Can Ensure Safety in Schools | #schoolsaftey

October 24, 2023


Along with providing spaces for learning, educational facilities also face the task of ensuring safety for children. In this current climate, safety in schools has never been more crucial, and the conversation around effective school-parent partnerships is pressing. School shootings, an unfortunate reality, emphasize the urgent need for comprehensive school safety strategies. So what’s a significant aspect of these strategies? One of the answers is strong collaborations between schools and parents.

However, a constant question is: How can we cultivate powerful partnerships between parents and schools to foster a secure, nurturing learning atmosphere?

For an episode of Raptor Technologies’ show, School Safety Today, host Michelle Dawn Mooney engaged in a heart-rending yet insightful discussion with Missy Dodds, a Speaker and Trainer and School Safety Advocate at Safe and Sound Schools. Their exploration examined the pivotal roles that parents play in championing and ensuring the safety of their children within educational spaces.

Mooney and Dodds spoke on:

  • Dodds’ transformative path from a victim of a horrifying school shooting to a fierce advocate for security in school and mental health.
  • The transformation in Dodds’ advocacy as she navigated from being a teacher to a parent, emphasizing the different perspectives and approaches in advocating for school safety.
  • Highlighting the essence of effective school-parent partnership, and cultivating and fostering critical collaborations for enhanced safety.

Missy Dodds is an Arkansas native whose life took a tragic turn during a school shooting in 2005. The experience propelled her into a journey of recovery, advocacy, and change. As a Speaker and Trainer and School Safety Advocate at Safe and Sound Schools, Dodds has a blend of personal experience and professional dedication. She brings invaluable understanding in the sphere of safety in schools and mental health advocacy.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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