A year in the making – Lincolnshire Police launch plan to stop county businesses being crime victims

A new police strategy will help businesses prevent and fight back against crime.

The Lincolnshire Police Business Crime Strategy has been pieced together over the past 12 months using feedback on crime experiences, following a meeting with businesses last year.

It is now poised to be launched together with a Business Watch Guide, at Lincolnshire Police headquarters on September 15.

Alex Parkin, business crime coordinator and crime reduction advisor for the force, said the strategy will cover a range of crimes from shoplifting or burglary to cyber-attack and fraud

“The main focus is on prevention, so the ways in which we as a force can help businesses to protect themselves,” Mr Parkin said.

“It also mentions the business advice page we plan to launch on our website as a source of advice.

“That’s due before the end of the year. Naturally, we want to reduce crime, but we acknowledge that in highlighting this issue and launching it publicly it could actually go the opposite way. But, as more businesses take the time to report crimes, hopefully their confidence in us to tackle it grows.

“There are no set targets but we will be held to account by the business community through groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Small Businesses at regular intervals.”

Businesses at the event in Nettleham will hear from expert speakers and see how a system can become compromised.

Ben Sharpe, digital account manager at DP Online Marketing in Skegness, said the strategy would be welcomed by businesses, especially those relying on the internet to bring in traffic and sales.

Mr Sharpe said he’d heard of one firm that had its server targeted by malware only recently.

“Businesses and people alike do tend to feel there is nowhere to go for these sorts of things,” he said.

“There is general confusion as to where they should go when there is a problem, so centralising a police unit to tackle this would be a very welcome thing.

“It’s a punish-less crime, really. Unless you are hacking something in the public eye, it seems to be that they are all-powerful and get away with everything.

“A little bit of knowledge would go a long way to preventing this.”

However, Anthony Porter, of AMP Security Lincs Ltd which trades as Stance Security, said physical crimes such as burglaries and break-ins should remain high on police agendas.

“It seems to be getting forgotten about a lot with modern technology crime taking over,” he said.

“Lincolnshire tends to be a lower frequency, but when it happens it tends to be quite painful for them.”

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Source: http://www.lincolnshireecho.co.uk/year-making-Lincolnshire-Police-launch-plan-stop/story-27679675-detail/story.html

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