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To the editor:

“Let Children Have Access to Books Suitable to Their Age,” Aug. 19, sounded like a promising title, but the content was just one more op-ed advocating placing undue limitations on a public institution under the guise of protecting children from “dangerous” reading material. If the author is to be believed, the Jefferson County public libraries are places where children of all ages have unfettered access to everything on the shelves.

First, the library’s Child Safety Policy is quite clear: “Children under the age of 6 may not be left unattended by an adult in any part of the library. Children between the ages of 6 and 9 must be attended by a responsible caregiver of at least 12 years of age.” If the op-ed author’s siblings “picked up a book that (made) them begin to fantasize sexual topics without parental consent,” then perhaps they were not properly supervised.

Let’s look at the real issue. The so-called Concerned Library Patrons of PLSJ are using the public library as a proxy in their agenda to marginalize the local LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Unsuccessful in their attempts to ban Pride displays and permanently remove or isolate books that they deem objectionable, the latest strategy is to fear-monger about the non-existent issue of “pandering pornography to minors.” See paragraph two.

Another gambit is to suggest that the library’s collection is “biased.” I agree, but not with the author’s perspective. The handful of available LGBTQ+ books are nothing compared to the thousands of other books (children’s or otherwise) that directly or indirectly reinforce traditional gender roles and family structures. There are more specialized “identity” books for LGBTQ+ because representation, especially accurate and positive representation, in other books is almost non-existent.

Quite frankly, I look forward to the day when our society is so inclusive that we no longer need to publish specialty books as a way for diverse children to see themselves portrayed in equitable and uplifting ways. For now, I trust librarians to build collections based on professional journal recommendations, circulation numbers, patron requests (ask for a form at your local branch), and donations.

I urge everyone to live and let live; read and let read. If everyone who brings a child to the library conforms with the Child Safety Policy, as a minimum, there will be no danger to children from any books that their parents and caregivers have not selected.

Robyn Hill


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