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Accused childcare predator reported to police for ‘kissing’ child a year before arrest | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Borucki said the written complaint was sent to police who investigated while the man was stood down on full pay.

The girl’s parents were in disbelief, Borucki said, because they were close to the suspended teacher.

Queensland Police on Friday confirmed they investigated the man but did not search his home or devices. Borucki said he was ultimately cleared for lack of evidence.

“[The man’s] explanation was this person could not see very clear under the fort because it’s quite [a] dark space, and he wasn’t kissing the girl, he was just whispering to her ear to wake her up,” she said.

Borucki said the man was cleared and one mother responded: “I knew he would not do anything to my child.” The mother vowed to welcome the teacher back with a box of chocolates.

The staff member who reported the man was “devastated” and resigned, Borucki said.

Borucki said she tried to manage the man out of the centre, raising the ire of parents who continued to defend him, and of her own HR department who warned about performance managing him after he had been cleared.

When word began to spread of the teacher’s arrest late last year, Borucki said distraught parents accused her of letting a paedophile back to the centre despite the fort allegation.

“I was feeling so sorry for them because you know they [were] feeling like they failed as parents,” she said.

“A few just walked in and took their child and said they are never going to be back.”

Borucki said she always had a gut feeling about the teacher, recalling an “odd” moment while talking to the man with an HR representative in the room, long before the fort allegation.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough said Queensland Police had first spotted a horrific video online in 2014.Credit: AFP

“There was a little girl [standing] up in front of him. And he was rubbing her arm,” Borucki said.

“She was just standing there and during the conversation, I just noticed all [of a] sudden he actually kiss her on the forehead.

“I was like, that’s, that’s odd, that’s not something that educators will do.”

Borucki raised the episode with management, but was told there had never been any other issues. She confronted the man the following day.

“He apologised. He [said] ‘Look, that’s, that’s probably because I am very close, it’s a very small centre. We are all here like a family,’ ” she said.

Borucki has been on sick leave since being hospitalised for mental health reasons in June. She says she was made redundant on Monday, just one day before authorities announced the arrest.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough on Tuesday said Queensland Police had first spotted a horrific video online in 2014, which had been passed to the AFP.

This masthead revealed AFP victim identification teams last August traced unremarkable bedsheets, in the background of another child sexual abuse video, to a manufacturer who supplied a small amount of childcare centres in Brisbane.

It was the key to breaking the case – detectives were soon standing in the same childcare centre where the man allegedly abused two young girls.

Police will allege the man committed offences in Brisbane, Sydney and overseas, with alleged victims at 10 childcare centres in Brisbane between 2007 and 2013, and from 2018 to 2022, and a centre in Sydney between 2014 and 2017.

Some alleged victims are now over 18.

Extradition to NSW is not likely to happen before the man has faced the judicial system in Queensland.

The man’s case is scheduled for the Brisbane Magistrates Court on August 21.

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