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Organizations today are overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of potential cybersecurity threats and there is plenty of vendor buzz around AI in Security products, but what is the reality? Threat detection and incident response (TDIR) strategy and execution have never been more critical and are essential in maintaining cyber resilience and strengthening the security posture of every organization. TDIR aims to identify potential threats and respond before they can impact a business. A layered defense focuses on identifying threat activity, prioritizing investigations, and measuring risk. As a result, organizations can take the appropriate threat mitigation steps. These security strategies and protocols signify a step forward with a TDIR strategy where everyone from the CISO to the security analyst wins.

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Vendors, sales channels, partners and other kinds of third parties are essential to most businesses. Ensuring that the information security risks of those other companies don’t impact your own is the remit of Third Party Cyber Risk Management (TPCRM) teams. It is increasingly evident, however, that the existing practices and tools are not up to the challenge. They make the process even more adversarial than it needs to be, are focused on risk transfer and/or acceptance rather than reduction; are based on limited and low quality signals; and are often excruciatingly manual. We can do better as an industry, and in this conversation we are going to explore a new paradigm for TPCRM and its advantages for third and first parties.

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