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On 22nd January 2024, Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, announced its innovative Advanced Security and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) integration. The company’s ground-breaking move is a first for the industry, reinforcing Acronis’ position at the forefront of cyber protection and aligning with the recognition that traditional security measures are inadequate against increasing AI-driven cyber-attacks. Acronis is providing its users with critical EDR capabilities without incurring additional costs.

In a rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, EDR is no longer a preference but a necessity for managed service providers (MSPs) to protect against sophisticated daily cyber threats. MSPs have historically faced challenges in operating a range of disparate security tools, resulting in increased chances of human error, heightened administrative overhead, and a vulnerable environment. Acronis resolves these critical issues by seamlessly integrating EDR with endpoint management, as well as backup and recovery solutions.

Ezequiel Steiner, CEO at Acronis, stated, “MSPs and their customers are constantly under attack, facing increasingly more sophisticated threats. Traditional antimalware offerings have become obsolescent. MSPs need EDR. Understanding the challenges of widespread EDR adoption, particularly cost and complexity for MSPs, we have added it at no additional price, disrupting the security market and allowing them to deploy Acronis security to ALL endpoints. Notably, Acronis EDR stands out with its MSP-centric design, enhancing technician efficiency through automation and reducing false positives significantly.”

Integral benefits and features of Acronis Advanced Security + EDR solution for MSPs include launching and implementing a comprehensive security framework that provides rapid recovery capabilities in the event of successful attacks. The solution empowers MSPs to guard against modern threats and comply easily with cyber insurance requirements. The integrated nature of Acronis’ technologies enables partners to strengthen their security stance and ensure the highest standards of protection and compliance. MSPs can maximise efficiency and minimise administrative overhead using the single security platform. This streamlined approach simplifies management tasks, reduces risk of errors, and enhances overall operational effectiveness.

The advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools enables threat actors to heighten attack sophistication, volume, and speed. This expansion in attacks poses significant threats to MSPs and their clients, and highlights the need for a more comprehensive and simplified security framework. Acronis addresses these evolving needs by leading the security space and supplying a comprehensive all-in-one solution.

Acronis recognises the crucial importance of securing all endpoints and advocates that MSPs deploy security to every endpoint. MSPs often focus on protecting only critical endpoints; however, any endpoint can act as an entry point for network penetration. Security must extend to all endpoints to ensure a complete cyber-protection solution. The integration of Advanced Security and EDR solutions by Acronis reaffirms its commitment to lead the security sector by offering solutions that entirely address emerging challenges.


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