Acting U.S. Attorney encourages Alabama students to take SAFE pledge for gun safety | #schoolsaftey

Acting United States Attorney Jonathan S. Ross is collaborating with Middle District of Alabama schools this week to promote the Stand Against Firearm Endangerment (SAFE) Student Pledge. Middle and high school students voluntarily pledge responsible gun handling and conflict resolution, while elementary students commit to not playing with firearms. This initiative coincides with the National Day of Concern for Young People and Gun Violence on October 18, 2023.

The SAFE Student Pledge empowers young individuals to reduce gun endangerment and violence through responsible choices and discussions with their families about gun safety and non-violent conflict resolution.

Acting U.S. Attorney Ross emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “Each year, far too many lives are lost due to accidents and poor choices. This initiative seeks to encourage young people to make responsible decisions and, as a result, cut down on the number of needless injuries and deaths.”

The United States Attorney’s Office has made the pledges accessible to schools in the Middle District of Alabama. Schools and youth organizations can participate in the SAFE Student Pledge year-round by visiting and submitting a request.

This initiative is part of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a national program known for its success in bringing together law enforcement agencies and communities to reduce violent crime. Participating schools are spread across various counties in the Middle District of Alabama, including Autauga, Chambers, Chilton, Coffee, Coosa, Elmore, Geneva, Henry, Macon, Montgomery, Pike, and Randolph.

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