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ActiveOS will provide trust & safety teams of all sizes with AI-driven content moderation needed to protect their users online

NEW YORK, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ActiveFence, the leading trust and safety provider for online platforms, today launched ActiveOS, the industry’s first free platform to detect online harm. The AI-driven content moderation platform will help organizations of all sizes protect their users online by democratizing access to internet safety tools, regardless of an organization’s size or budget.

ActiveFence is releasing this free offering as several issues converge, making it more complex than ever for online platforms to identify and prevent harmful content: child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and harassment are proliferating; disinformation campaigns and hate speech are rampant; and platforms are struggling to detect extremist and violent content, even moreso in light of the growing capabilities that generative AI affords bad actors.

Economic headwinds are also forcing the shrinking of trust & safety teams, who are often the first line of defense in protecting users. With increasing volumes of malicious content, and fewer resources to protect users, trust & safety teams need a tool that helps them fight online abuse.

Last month, ActiveFence reported a 172% increase in the volume of shared CSAM online created by Generative AI. The report also uncovered a dark web forum which revealed that 78% of child predators have or plan to use generative AI to create CSAM, and a 90% reduction for time to create new state-grade disinformation campaigns. To combat this and other malicious behavior, ActiveOS lets online platforms quickly and accurately identify and remove harmful content, improving moderator efficiency by up to 50% with a false positive rate of less than 1%, which drives greater accuracy and faster decision making for trust and safety teams.

“Online safety is a basic human right, and every person deserves to be safe online,” said ActiveFence CEO and Co-Founder Noam Schwartz. “At best, malicious content online is disturbing and triggering, but at worst, it can be detrimental to democracy, permanently damaging to mental health, and physically dangerous. Too often today’s online threats result in real-world consequences. ActiveFence’s technology was developed over five years of working with hundreds of people among the most sophisticated teams in the world. By making this harmful content detection and moderation platform available for free and via an open platform, we’re furthering our mission to make the internet a safer place globally.”

With this announcement, ActiveFence offers two core competencies for organizations’ trust & safety teams:

  1. ActiveScore: ActiveFence’s contextual, AI driven content moderation API provides abuse-specific risk scores, taking into consideration the metadata surrounding the flagged item to determine its risk level. The models are constantly up-to-date with intelligence collected by hundreds of domain and linguistic experts, this could be from the latest tactics of bad actors or any harmful use in slang, or emojis. Each moderation decision keeps training the models to continuously enhance accuracy.
  2. ActiveOS: ActiveFence’s content moderation platform manages the entire trust & safety operation from one place. It lets moderators quickly prioritize and respond to violations with custom moderation queues and actions to streamline the decision-making process, which increases moderator efficiency. The platform includes codeless, drag-and-drop workflows, allowing trust & safety managers to update policies in seconds, eliminating the need for engineering resources.

ActiveFence’s out-of-the-box APIs and content moderation platform are available for free to any business and their online platform. Organizations with a large number of users can use any of the available enterprise offerings.

To learn more about ActiveOS and ActiveScore, click here.

About ActiveFence
ActiveFence is the leading solution for Trust and Safety intelligence and management, protecting online platforms and their users from malicious behavior and content. Trust and Safety teams of all sizes rely on ActiveFence to keep their users safe from the widest spectrum of online harms, unwanted content, and malicious behavior, including child safety and exploitation, disinformation, hate speech, terror, nudity, fraud, and more. We offer a full stack of capabilities with our deep intelligence research, AI-driven harmful content detection, and content moderation platform. Protecting over three billion users globally everyday in 100 languages, ActiveFence lets people interact and thrive online. Backed by leading Silicon Valley investors such as CRV and Norwest, ActiveFence has raised $100M to date, and employs over 300 people worldwide.

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