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ActiveFence enables Trust and Safety teams with one-click reporting needed to meet DSA transparency requirements.

NEW YORK, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ActiveFence, the leading trust and safety provider for online platforms, today released new features to ActiveOS, their content moderation platform that are designed to help clients meet new Digital Services Act (DSA) transparency requirements. These features will help Trust and Safety teams at organizations of all sizes create a one-click transparency report, correctly prioritize flagged content, and gain complete control of content moderation decision processes, reducing cost and expediting time-to-market.

ActiveFence Transparency Reporting capabilities will help online platforms and search engines meet EU requirements that they must publish a twice-yearly transparency report about their average monthly active users and content moderation, among other things. Creating transparency reports takes time due to the data collection and analysis processes needed. With growing numbers of online users and limited resources available to protect them, Trust and Safety teams need more efficient tools to meet the DSA’s intensive requirements.

ActiveFence is providing first-in-its-class capabilities to Trust and Safety teams worldwide with streamlined, cost-effective DSA compliance solutions to expand their reach and keep users safe from harmful content:

  • Transparency Report in One Click: Generating comprehensive transparency reports directly from ActiveOS console by collecting and analyzing pertinent data, including moderation decisions made on the platform. ActiveFence’s system will assemble a detailed transparency report in one click, providing teams with the critical information needed to comply with DSA regulations. Reports are available online or in an exportable format.
  • Flagging: Leveraging ActiveOS’s ready-to-use workflows, enabling Trust and Safety teams to create a dedicated moderation queue for flagged content. With the intuitive ActiveOS user interface and seamless integration options for third-party tools, Trust and Safety teams will be able to automatically prioritize flagged items based on predetermined thresholds, ensuring rapid response and effective communication with flagging users in alignment with the DSA’s requirements.
  • Appeals and Notices: ActiveOS’s code-less workflows support a formal procedure for individuals to appeal against content takedowns, account suspensions, or other moderation actions taken by the platform. ActiveFence will use its AI-driven detection tool, ActiveScore, to provide context for whether clients should accept or deny the user’s appeal and provide the suggested message to the client that reflects the moderation decision.

“The DSA is bringing alignment and consistency in protecting platforms and their users on a global basis. We know that Trust and Safety teams are being asked to do more with less as the proliferation of harmful content online continues,” said Noam Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of ActiveFence. “I’m confident that these new capabilities will help teams increase the accuracy and efficiency of automated and manual moderation, and help organizations meet their DSA compliance needs.”

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About ActiveFence
ActiveFence is the leading solution for Trust and Safety intelligence and management, protecting online platforms and their users from malicious behavior and content. Trust and Safety teams of all sizes rely on ActiveFence to keep their users safe from the widest spectrum of online harms, unwanted content, and malicious behavior, including child safety and exploitation, disinformation, hate speech, terror, nudity, fraud, and more. We offer a full stack of capabilities with our deep intelligence research, AI-driven harmful content detection, and content moderation platform. Protecting over three billion users globally everyday in 100 languages, ActiveFence lets people interact and thrive online. Backed by leading Silicon Valley investors such as CRV and Norwest, ActiveFence has raised $100M to date, and employs over 300 people worldwide.

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