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Adin Ross and Vitaly’s “Catching Predators” Stream Leads to Man’s Arrest | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Adin Ross and Vitaly caught a man attempting to have sex with a minor, eventually turning him into Miami police after going on a “vigilante-style” operation to catch him in the act.

Earlier this week, the streamers conducted the operation where they used hidden cameras to catch an alleged 24-year-old child predator named Moises A. Flores-Coello while he was meeting and trying to have sex with a decoy that he thought was a teenage boy. Ross, Vitaly and their crew popped up in the home and began questioning Coello while trying to scare him with a live alligator.

One of the guys, Fresh & Fit co-host Myron Gaines, then started to read an alleged text exchange between the decoy and Coello where the latter implied the decoy’s young age wasn’t a problem for him and that he wanted to have sex with decoy. Gaines also went through Coello’s bag and found candy as well as a condom. 

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