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Admitted child molester accused of raping cell mate at Lycoming County Prison | News | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Williamsport, Pa. — A prisoner at the Lycoming County Prison came forward with accusations of sexual assault by his cell mate through the entire month of June.

Allen Lee Kulp, who pled guilty to unlawful contact with a minor and indecent assault, allegedly forced himself on his cell mate after head count and the lights were turned off. The 50-year-old ignored the man’s pleas bending him over a desk two to three times each night, police said.

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In one instance, Kulp performed oral sex on the man despite being told “no” several times, Detective Loretta Clark wrote. Kulp used cocoa butter lotion or hydro cream as lubricant, according to the witness.

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The accuser was taken to UPMC in late June for a sexual assault examination, Clark added. Investigators submitted the assault kit to state police in July.

Results were sent to investigators at the end of July showing sperm from the perianal/rectal swabs and smears, according to the report. A search warrant for Kulp’s DNA was executed the same day, investigators said. 

Kulp intimidated the man by spitting in his face, choking him, and punching him, according to the complaint.

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Kulp was charged with 10 counts of sexual assault and one of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse by threat of forcible compulsion. Both are felonies.

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