Advanced Social Media Intelligence Gathering

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You will examine these new innovative ideas in-depth as they are introduced by our experienced instructors which come from the world of eCommerce, loss prevention, law enforcement, and the intelligence community to bring you an action packed seminar that will leave you eager to return to work, to utilize your new found skill set.

  • Navigate the website, search, advanced search, sign-up, register a profile
  • Learn about connections, friend’s request, & privacy settings
  • Identify fraudsters, criminals, and illegal information Identify personal details, addresses, phone numbers, email address & more
  • Learn how to bypass privacy settings, visualize seller networks and gather intelligence
  • Identification of criminal activity and what is needed to prosecute
  • Evidence gathering and chain of custody for digital evidence
  • Legalities of online investigations, terms of service violations and subpoenas

What platforms you will learn:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook (Graph Search)
  • MySpace (New Version)
  • Twitter
  • Friendster

Course Learning


Advanced Social Media Investigations


  • An overview of Advanced Social Media Investigations
  • Defining Open Source Intelligence
  • A World of Sock Puppets
  • Domain Names
  • Username Workflow
  • Search Engines
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Hootsuite and Sprout Social


Legal Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations


  • Legal Fundamentals (Reading Assignment)
  • Introduction to Legal Fundamentals
  • Understanding Your Role as a Corporate Investigator
  • Understanding Your Employees Rights
  • The Electronic Communications Privacy Act
  • Understanding Law Enforcement Concerns
  • An Agent of the Law
  • Federal Laws to Prosecute Cyber Crimes
  • Becoming an Expert Witness (02:11)
  • Dauberts Standards, What is it? (00:58)
  • Common Task of an Expert Witness (02:01)
  • Preparing to Become an Expert Witness (02:50)
  • Your Role as a Consultant (01:29)
  • How to Prepare Your Testimony for Court (09:43)
  • Preparing Forensic and Computer Evidence (01:03)


Documenting Social Media Evidence


  • Documenting Social Media Evidence (Reading Assignment)


Digital Evidence


  • Social Media Evidence (Reading Assignment)



What is included?

  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate of completion

What you receive:


Participant Guidebook – This manual is filled with tons of open source intelligence resources that continue to enhance the learning process after the workshop is over.