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Advanced Tech Drives Dutch Police’s Cybercrime Crackdown | #cybercrime | #infosec

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Floor Jansen on High-Tech Crime Unit’s Shift From Reactive to Preemptive Practices

Floor Jansen, deputy head of National High Tech Crime Unit, Dutch National Police Agency

Combating the complexity and scale of modern cybercrime effectively is driving a global shift in law enforcement practices from a reactive to a preemptive approach, including innovative use of technologies such as AI and big data analytics.

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Handling vast data volumes, the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit is taking a data-driven approach to developing relevant interventions. The unit’s approach focuses on technological tools not only for enforcement but also for prevention, aiming to disrupt the cybercrime ecosystem at various stages of offender development.

“We use big data to create our own interventions, which means that we have to come up with solutions based on the data. That means that we are always looking for the unknown unknowns and not acting on the known knowns,” said Floor Jansen, deputy head of National High Tech Crime Unit for the Dutch National Police Agency. “We want the data to tell us the most relevant criminals to be addressed. The same works with interventions on a prevent level.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2024, Jansen also discussed:

  • The Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit’s role in preventing cybercrime;
  • Addressing juvenile cybercrime;
  • The role of technology in developing targeted interventions.

Jansen currently acts as team leader of the COPS team. Her background as a social scientist, criminologist and cybersecurity specialist gives her a multidisciplinary view of cybercrime.

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