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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Tamika White lives in north Lansing, the same area where 5-year-old Camden Johnson went missing from his home Monday. White says she had a similar experience with her 3-year-old son.

“The other day I was going to the bathroom, and he unlocked my door. I was scared, he was out in the front area,” said White. Even though her son didn’t go far, white says the safety of the neighborhood is still a concern.

“He could of got hit by a car cause people drive through here crazy or just like that five-year-old that came up missing. He could of been the one snatched up.”

Rob Gabriele of says he has even found his children sneaking out of his home. He says parents should remain vigilant because things like this are common.

“Countless children every year escape from the home. Kids are just naturally curious, it’s going to happen, but we can take preventative measures.”

Gabriele suggests sensors on doors that alert you when opened, child safety locks installed out of reach of small hands, and doorbell cameras to provide additional information when kids wander off.

“These are great pieces of equipment to have not just for package theft and burglary detection but also to kind of keep the whereabouts of your children,”

If your child is missing Gabriele says expanding your net is important. Talking with neighbors and asking for help before contacting the police. But remaining present and aware takes away the worry of a child sneaking out.

“Pay attention to your kids, they’re the most important thing in your life,” said White.

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