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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Tom Fetzer is a Traffic Safety Unit Officer for the Greensboro Police Department. He said he has seen some unfortunate tragedies during the holidays. 

“I have been involved in incidents in the past where there have been serious crashes and even a fatality during the holiday season,” Fetzer said. “It’s rough on the community, it’s rough on the officers that work the scene and it’s rough on the families during the aftermath.”

Urging the message 

Fetzer said there is going to be increased traffic on the roads from people traveling for the holidays and said it is important not to drink and drive. 

It’s something Gabriel Snyder experienced firsthand.

Seven years ago, he and his sister were heading to Greensboro for the holidays when a drunk driver hit their car head-on.

Snyder was life-flighted — in a coma. His sister died in that crash.  

Snyder said he has two girls and it’s this time of year when it gets difficult to process the situation, knowing his daughters will never get to meet their aunt — who had a big heart for children.

“It would have been great for them[his daughters] to meet [his sister] and it’s hard, you know, this time of year,” Snyder said. “Thinking about if we would be at Lydia’s house or would we be doing this?

Snyder said the decision seems so small to have a drink, but the implications are big. 
So, for his family’s sake and others, do not get behind the wheel if you have a drink.

“For obvious reasons, you shouldn’t drink and drive, or consume any type of impairing substance while driving,” Fetzer said. “It slows your ability to think, your reaction times, it excuses your judgment, so, it’s just a good idea to stay away from the impairing substance. If you need to, call a friend or an Uber, anything to not get behind that wheel when you’re impaired.”

Click it or Ticket

“There’s actually a Governor Highway Safety Program Operation that’s currently going on right now in Guilford County. So we’re looking for drivers that are driving excessive speed, careless and reckless. We’re looking for impaired drivers. So, yes, there is a current operation. It’s a collaborative operation. It’s a multi-agency collaborative operation actually right now.”

The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program launched its statewide ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign ahead of Thanksgiving.

The program is taking place from Nov. 20 through Sunday, Nov. 26 with higher law enforcement patrols across the state. The goal is to ensure travelers are safe during the increased holiday traffic, with all drivers and passengers wearing seatbelts while in vehicles. Residents can also expect to see increased checking stations during the campaign.

“There’s a lot of people that are gonna be traveling on the roadways during the holiday season and leave early, don’t get behind, don’t get yourself in a bind where you’re running late and you have to drive at an excessive speed to get somewhere to make it to a family function. Just take your time, and be cognizant of other drivers that are on the road again. No impairing substances and have a peaceful safe holiday season.”

Click It or Ticket is the Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s primary campaign to boost the use of seat belts and child safety seats. North Carolina’s campaign was the first in the nation and is now used as the model by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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