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To the Editor:

I speak from my heart and I had a friend type up this for me because I don’t have a computer. My neighborhood (Mary Lou Lane) was mentioned recently in the local newspapers and discussed at Andover town meetings on June 13, July 11 and Nov. 2. Since then, people have approached me to ask about the orange tape on the lot. I told them to watch the meetings on the town website and then I would discuss any questions with them. The people I spoke with came back and wanted to talk about affordable housing and child safety. They could not believe the town was not addressing this issue yet, with all the recent accidents.

In the meetings, we talked about safety issues. At the June 13 Town Meeting and again at the Nov. 2 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, a mother cried about her experience of pulling her daughter to safety before she was hit when a car could not see her through the tall grasses on the lot because it had not been cut for a long time. What happens when there is a tall house and cars in the driveway and snowbanks from the snow? How will the delivery trucks avoid hitting someone or a dog?

I can’t believe that the Selectmen, ACT and anyone supporting this project doesn’t seem to care about child safety. Why is affordable housing more important than child safety? Do we need to get to the point that someone is seriously hurt before they make the right decision.

My neighborhood is for affordable houseing but on a proper lot that doesn’t have so many issues. People should come drive down Theodore Avenue to Mary Lou Lane and see what it looks like and what a sharp curve it is on.

It is too bad child safety doesn’t matter in Andover, at least on Mary Lou Lane.

Janice Parent



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