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Part of the delegates follow proceedings during the Africa Cloud & Security Summit, Nigeria organised by dx5 [Photo: Sonya Israni]

Industry leaders, policymakers, cloud, and cybersecurity professionals recently converged in Nigeria for the Africa Cloud & Security Summit held at Four Points by Sheraton in Oniru, Lagos, to explore the latest trends and obstacles in the field of cloud & security.

Organized for the first time in Nigeria by dx5, Africa’s technology driver, the Summit’s discussions focused on the rapid growth of cloud computing and the crucial role of cybersecurity in Africa. One central theme was the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in enhancing cyber defence and combating cybercrime.

Dr. Harrison Nnaji, the Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at First Bank of Nigeria, delivered a keynote address focusing on the current state of cybersecurity in Africa.

Dr. Nnaji underlined the immediate need to address cybersecurity challenges in Africa through robust legislation, collaborative efforts, and awareness initiatives. He touched on several key aspects related to cybersecurity, from the escalating sophistication of cyber threats targeting African organizations, spanning from ransomware attacks to data breaches and state-sponsored espionage. He stressed the importance of remaining vigilant and investing in robust security measures to safeguard digital assets.

Highlighting the significance of the Malabo Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection, Dr. Nnaji underscored the need for unified cybersecurity laws across African nations. He urged countries to ratify and implement the convention to strengthen regional cooperation against cybercrime.

Addressing the necessity of comprehensive cybercrime legislation at a national level, Dr. Nnaji highlighted that effective laws empower law enforcement agencies to combat cybercriminals. He also advocated for governments to enact and enforce such legislation to ensure a secure digital environment.

Discussing the role of consumer protection laws in safeguarding individual rights and online privacy, he called for stricter regulations that hold organizations accountable for data breaches and privacy infringements. He emphasized the ongoing need to educate the public on online safety best practices.

Christopher Odutola, Solutions Engineer, Sophos West Africa, spoke on harnessing AI and Machine learning for cyber defence. Organizations must actively adopt AI technologies to enhance their cybersecurity strategies.

“AI can analyse vast datasets, detect anomalies, and identify potential threats more efficiently than traditional methods. Implementing AI-driven solutions such as intrusion detection systems and behaviour analytics can significantly enhance an organization’s security posture,” he said.

Experts noted that while AI holds immense potential, its utilization must prioritize transparency, fairness, and ethical considerations. They advised organizations to ensure data privacy and guard against bias in AI algorithms.

Ms. Abiola Laseinde, CEO, Edniesal Consulting & Convenor, The CIO Club Africa, spoke on the need to build a culture of security through effective governance. She emphasized the need to empower employees to be the first line of defence against cyberattacks. The session explored how effective governance, like clear policies and training programs, can create a security-conscious culture within organizations.

The Summit also featured discussions highlighting the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, vendor management, and the latest trends in cloud and cybersecurity space.

The event was sponsored by Sophos, a global cybersecurity solutions company, CLC Africa, a regional technology consulting firm, and Manage Engine, an IT management solution. Their support was instrumental in fostering a collaborative environment for addressing cyber threats and ensuring a secure digital landscape for all.



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