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After ‘swatting’ incidents, state representative proposes bill to study school lockdowns and safety drills | #schoolsaftey

Rhode Island State House. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Several schools in Rhode Island went into lockdown a few months ago after they received “swatting” calls. Now, a state representative is introducing a bill to study school lockdowns and safety drills.

“The kids are not OK,” said Rep. Jennifer Boylan. “Students are told to hide from an active shooter in their school, and then twenty minutes later are told ‘never mind, get back your math test.’”

Boylan, a Democrat who represents Barrington and East Providence, argues that Rhode Island needs to find a “better way to respond to these events, with guidelines and protocols so teachers know what to do and how to address the trauma caused.”

The representative’s legislation would bring together 20 experts from across Rhode Island in a commission to study lockdowns, fire drills, and the associated mental health support for students.

Boyle said that under Rhode Island law, schools are required to conduct one fire drill each month and two evacuation drills and two lockdown drills a year.

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