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Palo Alto Networks CTO May Wang on Need for Precision AI to Detect Threats

May Wang, CTO, IoT security, Palo Alto Networks

Artificial intelligence and the internet of things have complementary features, and when used together they can strengthen IoT security. With the widespread use of IoT devices today, the stakes are high if these devices are compromised. IoT devices are different from IT devices but AI can address IoT security challenges, said May Wang, CTO of IoT security at Palo Alto Networks.

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AI technologies may not be directly applicable to securing IT systems, according to Wang. “AI methodologies like NLP and image processing may not work directly with cybersecurity, which has special challenges and requirements – accuracy being the biggest one,” she said.

Wang said that Palo Alto Networks’ 85,000 customers produce 7.5 petabytes of data daily. “Even 0.001 inaccuracy can cause disaster. That’s why we are promoting precision AI, especially for cybersecurity. We need extreme accuracy to make cybersecurity work,” Wang said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2024, Wang also discussed:

  • Integrating AI and ML to improve threat detection;
  • The challenges in protecting IoT devices;
  • Using precision AI to accurately detect threats.

At Palo Alto Networks, Wang leads AI initiatives across multiple security domains. She co-founded Zingbox, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2019 for its industry-first AI-based IoT security solution.


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