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Artificial intelligence is believed by 63% of IT and security professionals to be beneficial to their organizations’ security posture, ZDNET reports.

Aside from 55% of companies worldwide mulling to leverage AI for improved cybersecurity this year, 21% are also expected to use the technology for developing security rules, according to a report from Google Cloud and the Cloud Security Alliance. Thirty-four percent of respondents noted that AI would be most beneficial to cybersecurity professionals, compared with 25% of those who believed that threat actors would mostly gain from the technology. Meanwhile, 58% said that AI will either result in improved skillsets and increased support in their roles.

“These findings underscore that while AI will bring significant changes to security teams, it’s primarily seen as a complementary tool rather than a complete replacement. It’s set to assist in bridging skills and knowledge gaps that have plagued the industry, but there are healthy concerns about becoming overly reliant on it,” said researchers.


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