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Don’t blame AI for mainstream beauty standards becoming even more unrealistic before of our very eyes.

The creator and agent who represents a popular, artificially intelligent social media influencer is doubling down on that message after criticism that the CGI blonde bombshell Milla Sofia is setting a bad example for expectations of women’s looks.

“Social media influencers edit and airbrush their content all the time, and different filters are popular,” her Helsinki, Finland-based creator, who asked not to be named, told the Independent.

Through generative AI, the skinny waisted Sofia — a 24-year-old pseudo-supermodel who boasts 68 thousand followers on Instagram — is posted in a lifelike manner all over the world while commonly sporting low-cut tops, superhero cosplay, in addition to its bitsy (and bytesy) bikinis along with evening gowns.

An AI influencer’s creator is hitting across the message that beauty standards are not to be blamed by AI.

Most followers are so preoccupied gawking over her stunning presentation that they don’t even, or chose not to, recognize that Sophia isn’t real.

Though, the outlet also noted a comment on one of Sophia’s since deleted posts which read “PLEASE REMOVE YOURSELF AND STOP HURTING YOUNG GIRLS WITH EVEN MORE UNREAL BEAUTY STANDARDS. Our youth is feeling like s – – t and you are making it worse.”

But her creator maintains that this is a societal problem which shouldn’t have the buck passed onto emerging technology.

“Many models and influencers have undergone cosmetic surgeries. So, the ideas of beauty has been distorted already for a long time. Artificial intelligence only makes it easier to make changes, and it is kind of just an additional step further away from reality,” he added, stressing that AI can be “good and bad, just like many other innovations.”

Despite it being known she’s fake, many are infatuated with Sophia online.
The good looks of an entirely AI influencer have some up in arms about standards of beauty.

After all, one plastic surgeon on Long Island had patients sign on for a “Barbie” lookalike surgery during the height of the film.

Similar to Sophia, AI chatbots have also taken on a role in online dating and on apps in recent months. Some are being used in catfishing and romance scams where as others operate on a more pay-to-play basis.

CarynAI, based on real life 23-year-old influencer Caryn Marjorie, charges $1 per minute for chatting with lonesome individuals. Post reporter Ben Cost began dating the program — but their wires crossed and things didn’t work out. Cost remains single.

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