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CINCINNATI, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Level 6 Cybersecurity is proud to announce the launch of LISN version 1.0. LISN, the Level 6 Infosec Strategy Network, introduces a ground-breaking suite of analytic tools designed to empower cyber decision makers with data-backed guidance on how to optimize every dollar and every hour invested into their cybersecurity programs.

LISN v1.0 represents a major leap forward in cyber-strategy innovation, offering an unparalleled set of features and tools for cyber decision makers seeking to navigate the complex and evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Key Features of LISN Version 1.0:

Cyber Program Effectiveness Scoring: This scorecard leverages LISN’s globally-sourced data pool to calculate how close a security program is to optimal use of people and dollars to generate the best cybersecurity outcomes. This feature also allows cyber decision makers to instantaneously benchmark their organization’s cybersecurity ROI performance relative to similar entities within their industry. This transformative metric provides instant insights into the value of an organization’s cybersecurity strategies, facilitating proactive improvements and informed decision-making.

Cyber Strategy Center: The Cyber Strategy Center is a central hub within LISN that hosts easy-to-understand metrics that track your cyber program’s resource efficiency at the Domain and Program Levels, quickly revealing your cyber program’s biggest strengths and weaknesses based on globally gathered performance data. The result is a data-driven “bang for the buck” analysis with organization-specific answers on what cybersecurity approaches are, and are not, worth their cost.

Strategic Cyber Threat Modeling: Starting in LISN 1.0, every member organization has immediate access to the tool’s MITRE ATT&CK mapping library. These maps show how each LISN cybersecurity strategy domain aligns with the tactics and techniques of ATT&CK, thereby showing how an organization’s cyber strategy weaknesses may increase the odds that specific adversary approaches will succeed.

In addition, Level 6 is weeks away from adding Interactive Analysis capabilities that simulate the cost-benefit impacts of cyber strategy changes.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of LISN version 1.0, a game-changing solution that revolutionizes the way cyber decision makers approach strategic planning,” said Kevin Jackson, CEO of Level 6 Cybersecurity. “LISN’s advanced capabilities empower cyber decision makers to optimize resource allocation, automatically generate threat models from strategy-level information, and gain peace of mind that the choices they make are corroborated by AI-powered analytics and real-world data.”

With its cutting-edge features and comprehensive insights, LISN sets a new standard in applying AI and data analytics to strategic cyber planning. It underscores Level 6 Cybersecurity’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the cybersecurity industry.

For more information about LISN v1.0, please visit https://Level6Cyber.com.

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Level 6 Cybersecurity is a provider of AI-driven, innovative cybersecurity solutions, and is committed to developing cutting edge technologies to better safeguard organizations against the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

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