Airport cyber security has to get better!

The US airports are under attack by the hackers this time. In the recent reports, two of the major US airports’ IT system is under attack. This attack has left a question mark over the security of the most secured US IT systems.
The non-profit organizations Centre of Internet Security, led by the US governments informed the US government in 2013 that there are chances that four of the US airports could face the cyber attacks.
For the last 15 years, the hackers are getting into the airport system just to hack and disable their internet technology system.
A San Diego University professor told that we have to make our systems better so that we could make more money by designing and implementing the simple and easy security measures.
By the time the airports came under attack, they were retreated by the CIS team with their quick responding to the issue.

The system was compromised after a phishing email was sent to the workers of the aviation.

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