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Keeping track of small kids in a crowd can be a scary proposition. It only takes a fraction of a second for a toddler or small child to break away and slip into a crowd — and once they’re out of sight, they can be terrifyingly hard to find again.

That’s why many enterprising parents have turned to tools like AirTags to help give them peace of mind, and a new viral video offers a genius hack. Shared by Carolina McCauley on Instagram, it shows a special shoe insole for kids that has an insert made to fit an AirTag. You simply pop in the AirTag, pair it with your phone, cut the insole down to fit your kiddo’s shoe size, and slide it in. Just like that, you have a super discreet and safe way to know your little one’s location at all times.

If you get separated from your child when they have an AirTag on them, all you have to do is log into your phone’s “Find My” app, and you get a map straight to their location.

Other parents have gone viral for similar hacks, like one mom who has her toddler daughter wear an AirTag on a bracelet. 

“It does help me feel more in control of the situation. As a parent, my top priority is her safety in addition to her ability to have some independence,” mom Brooke King told Good Morning America. It’s a great trick, because as anyone with a toddler knows, they’re much faster and smarter than they appear.

What’s great about the shoe insert, though, is that it isn’t obvious — if your child is taken, the kidnapper won’t be able to see and remove it. Nobody likes to plan for that kind of scenario, but it’s an added layer of protection should you ever need it.


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