Alleged Child Predator Free Pending Investigation

A registered sex offender from California, who is now living in the Lake Independence area of Belize, is still walking around free despite heinous allegations being made against him in the United States. The forty-three year old is from San Diego, California, but it is not known when he entered the country or how long he has been living in the area. On Tuesday night, reports surfaced that for some time now, several minors had been seen inside his house on Police Street. But there is at least one allegation from a very young boy, who is claiming that the man forced him, and other young boys, to perform sexual acts in exchange for noodles.  We won’t release the alleged predator’s name at this time, but we can confirm that in California, he was convicted of the offence of oral copulation with a minor under fourteen years of age.  The Police Department has come under some fire for what is seen as a failure to act on that most disgusting and disturbing allegation of child molestation, since the person accused was only briefly detained and then released. Today, Police are still conducting their investigation, and will not act until that investigation is concluded.


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