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Alpilean Ice Hack Video Gets Banned On Youtube for Odd Weight Loss Hack Violation | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

If you’ve seen paid advertisements for an “odd ice hack” or “Alpine ice hack” on YouTube lately, then those days are over.

The world’s largest video streaming platform has removed paid advertisements linked to Alpilean, a popular weight loss supplement.

According to YouTube, Alpilean’s advertisements violated the platform’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and scams.

YouTube’s Policies specifically warn against spam, scams, and other deceptive practices targeted at YouTube viewers, including ads specifically designed to trick viewers into leaving for another website.

It’s unclear if Alpilean or an Alpilean affiliate violated YouTube’s advertising policy.

How the Odd Ice Hack YouTube Ad Worked

An advertisement recently appeared on YouTube for an odd ice hack. That advertisement pushed people towards Alpilean, a popular weight loss supplement.

The advertisement video was titled “Odd 5-Second ‘Ice Hack’ Erases Fat Every Day”. The thumbnail featured a glass of water and an ice cube, suggesting viewers could use ice cubes in water to lose weight every day.


The video was shared by @feelbettertoday6397, a YouTube channel with no publicly-listed videos or playlists. The YouTube account appears to have been created specifically to share paid advertisements on the platform.

As of December 2022, the odd ice hack video had been viewed nearly 2 million times. Because the video is unlisted, it’s possible other versions of the ad have similarly impressive view counts.

Other Odd Ice Hack Ads Appear Across the Internet

YouTube isn’t the first platform to handle “odd ice hack” ads. We’ve seen paid advertisements across the internet – including ordinary display ads on weight loss websites.




As reported by Snopes, one advertisement featured a martini glass with a pile of ice water inside the glass, claiming it was a “100% natural” weight loss method that would work within days. That advertisement was titled, “How a Bizarre ‘Ice Hack’ Can Melt Away Years of Stubborn Fat Faster Than Those Who Follow Fad Diets.”

Other versions of the advertisement include:

  • “17 second habit” can help you lose weight with magic “ice hack”
  • A “mysterious 5-second ‘ice hack’ erases fat every day”
  • An “Alpine hack” and “weight loss miracle story” can help you lose weight every day with natural methods
  • A “weight loss miracle story” involves people “resetting the inner body temperature” to increase calorie burning and lose weight

Most of these advertisements link to the same weight loss supplement: Alpilean, which you can see the alpine ice hack official website here.

Can You Really Lose Weight with an Odd Ice Hack? How Alpilean Works

Alpilean is a real weight loss supplement that claims to lead to powerful weight loss results. The supplement claims to work by targeting inner body temperature.

Here is the basic concept behind Alpilean and other weight loss supplements:

Studies show people who are overweight tend to have a lower core body temperature than people who are leaner.

Fat cells are naturally cooler than muscle cells, which means people with high body fat percentages tend to have cooler temperatures than people with lots of muscle.

To maintain homeostasis (your body’s natural temperature), your body must burn calories. If your inner body temperature is cool, your body needs to burn fewer calories to maintain homeostasis. If your inner body temperature is warm, your body needs to burn more calories, giving leaner people a significant weight loss advantage.



Some claims online suggest there’s a difference of 1,000 calories or more between overweight people and lean people. They claim people who are overweight burn 1,000 fewer calories per day than leaner people because of this difference in body temperature.

Supplements like Alpilean claim to work by raising your inner body temperature, forcing your body to burn more calories all day long.

Using a blend of natural ingredients, Alpilean and other ingredients can purportedly increase your inner body temperature to accelerate weight loss results. Instead of burning 1,000 fewer calories per day than a leaner person, you can burn 1,000 more calories per day, helping you rapidly lose weight.

Some of these claims are backed by science. Studies show people with lean muscle tend to burn more calories than people who are overweight. Muscle burns more calories than fat.

However, there’s little evidence taking a weight loss supplement – even one as popular as Alpilean – will significantly raise your inner body temperature to a point where you’re burning more calories per day. However, according to product creator and formulators Zach Miller, Dr. Gibbs and Dr. Patla, the key is to allow the alpine ice hack ingredients to build up naturally every single day to effectively start to regulate and normalize core body temperature for optimal metabolism and fat loss potential.

Your body may burn slightly more calories to digest the Alpilean formula, but there’s little evidence this calorie difference would be meaningful enough to cause 1lb of weight loss per day or more – as suggested by some sources online.

Can You Drink Ice Water to Lose Weight?

YouTube’s “odd ice hack” features images of a popular weight loss strategy: drinking ice water to lose weight.

For years, dieters have believed drinking ice water can help you lose weight. After all, your body needs to burn calories to melt the ice, and all of those calories add up.

According to UAMS Health, drinking a glass of ice water will cause your body to burn 8 calories to heat that ice water to body temperature. If you drink 10 glasses of ice water per day, then you could burn 80 calories doing so.

Overall, if you might think you’re better off drinking multiple glasses of ice water per day to lose weight instead of taking YouTube’s “odd ice hack” supplement like Alpilean, the bigger question might be why not both? The Alpilean alpine ice hack weight loss supplement does come with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee for all customers who purchase the product through the official website.





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