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Alton Brown’s Clever Salad Spinner Hack For Roasted Chickpeas | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

After rinsing your chickpeas, instead of impatiently waiting for them to drain in a colander, or for your tea towels to soak up all that excess moisture, Alton Brown uses a salad spinner to make quick work of the task. In his Crunchy Chickpeas recipe, he dumps his can of chickpeas into a colander for proper rinsing before transfering the legumes to a salad spinner. From there, he turns them a few times, then spreads them onto a sheet pan coated in paper towels, tops them with more paper towels, and gently presses to rid them of that last bit of moisture. From there, he removes the paper towels, oils and seasons them, then goes on to roast them until crispy.

According to The Mediterranean Dish, another drying technique for when you don’t have a salad spinner is simply letting them sit in a colander over the sink. This requires more time, but less arm work when continuously patting them dry with paper towels, and allows you to forget about them for a bit to work on another task. By the time you’re ready for them, they’re likely ready for you.


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