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Amazon hack to finding ‘good stuff’ uncovered by TLC expert | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker


Amazon can be a dark chasm, but just in time for Prime Day 2023, one user has shared a life hack to keep shoppers from getting lost.

Design expert Preston Konrad, best known as being the host of TLC’s “Style by Jury,” posted a video to his Instagram explaining the process of how to find the “good stuff” when it comes to home decor and much more on the supersite.

Konrad was quick to note in the comments that the post wasn’t sponsored, and that he just wanted to get the information out there.

“I feel like this has been around for awhile and I’m just discovering it,” he admitted.

Using the Amazon app, Konrad instructs users to head down below the search bar to an icon that looks like a lightbulb. A TikTok-esque feed then immediately pops up.

But, instead of autoplaying Taylor Swift concert videos or a dozen clips of the newest dance craze, you get curated offerings.

Entrepreneur Preston Konrad posts genius hacks for finding items on Amazon via his Instagram account.

After clicking an icon made up of four little boxes in the top right corner, Konrad is brought to an expansive list of categories — coastal decor, mixology, work from home — to browse.

Within each category is a feed where you can shop through people’s finds. Voila! After just a few clicks and scrolls, your Amazon shopping experience can be improved. Note that this hack can only be done on the Amazon app, not on its website.

Konrad noted how “it’s a lot better stuff than just digging through pages.”

Konrad captioned the video with “Am I the last person to know about this? So much easier to find good picks (especially home decor etc) instead of tons of digging🤌🏻.”

People in the comment section assured him he wasn’t alone.

Preston Konrad shows off the list of interests to browse.

Preston Konrad shows there’s plenty to find using this simple Amazon app hack.

“Whaaaaat?! No didn’t know about this,” @erickareyes_abhany said.

“I had no idea!! This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing this. I immediately went to check and found it. 🙌🙌🙌🙌,” @halleyrossler said.

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