An Online Child Predator Catcher Leads to 24 Arrests in Albany, Oregon | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Screen grab from a video posted to “People vs. Pred” Facebook group appearing to show an arrest in Albany by APD.

In Albany, Oregon, a recent operation led by an independent online activist resulted in the arrest of 24 individuals on charges linked to endangering minors. Operating under the alias “Tim Johnson” and using the Facebook group People vs. Preds, the activist has been involved in this unique form of justice for over three years. Throughout this period, he claims to have exposed over 400 individuals suspected of child predation, with 150 arrests ensuing from his efforts.

Tim Johnson explains his motivation: “The problem of child predation is alarmingly pervasive and ongoing everywhere, at all times. It compelled me to act.” His method involves setting up fake online profiles as minors to attract potential predators. “I make it clear from the start that the persona is underage, using ages ranging from 11 to 15,” he shared. “Despite this, these individuals persist in their intentions, eventually agreeing to meet, which leads to their capture.”

Recently, videos capturing these arrests spread rapidly across local Facebook groups in Albany, drawing significant public attention. The Albany Police Department clarified that these were not coordinated sting operations but were responses to emergency calls initiated by Tim. “The police aren’t directly collaborating with me,” Tim confirmed. “They’re simply fulfilling their duty to respond when crimes are reported.”

The Albany Police Department acknowledged multiple calls from the predator catcher during his campaigns in the city, leading to the arrests. A statement from the department emphasized, “When he alerts us to a situation involving a potential felony, our team is prepared to respond decisively.”

The department also issued a stern warning through a Facebook post: “To all child predators: stay away from Albany. If you come here, you will be arrested.”

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If interested, it’s worth noting Predator Poachers on Youtube catches child predators on the daily, leading to multiple arrests across the nation, livestreaming via their very popular channel. In fact, many of their busts have been right here in Oregon.

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