An online dump of Chinese hacking documents offers a rare window into pervasive state surveillance | Ap | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Chinese police are investigating an unauthorized and highly unusual online dump of documents from a private security contractor linked to the nation’s top policing agency and other parts of its government — a trove that catalogs apparent hacking activity and tools to spy on both Chinese and foreigners.

Among the apparent targets of tools provided by the impacted company, I-Soon: ethnicities and dissidents in parts of China that have seen significant anti-government protests, such as Hong Kong or the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang in China’s far west.

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kAm|2E9:6F %2CE2C6[ 2 >2=H2C6 C6D62C496C 2E E96 4J36CD64FC:EJ 7:C> t$t%[ D2JD :E 92D =:?<65 x$@@? E@ 2 r9:?6D6 DE2E6 924<:?8 8C@FA :E 42==D u:D9>@?86C E92E :E 24E:G6=J EC24<D 2?5 H9:49 :E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]H6=:G6D64FC:EJ]4@>^a_a_^_`^b`^H:??E:8C@FAE2C86E:?8F?:G6CD:E:6D9@?8<@?8^QmHC@E6 23@FE 😕 y2?F2CJ a_a_k^2m 27E6C E96 8C@FA 924<65 w@?8 z@?8 F?:G6CD:E:6D 5FC:?8 DEF56?E AC@E6DED] w6 D2:5 :E 92D[ D:?46 a_aa[ D66? u:D9>@?86C E2C86E 8@G6C?>6?ED[ }v~D 2?5 E9:?< E2?<D 24C@DD pD:2[ tFC@A6[ r6?EC2= p>6C:42 2?5 E96 &?:E65 $E2E6D]k^Am

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kAm{2DE J62C[ &]$] @77:4:2=D k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH];FDE:46]8@G^@A2^AC^c_@77:46CD49:?2D?2E:@?2=A@=:46492C865EC2?D?2E:@?2=C6AC6DD:@?D496>6DE2C86E:?8FDQm492C865 c_ >6>36CD @7 r9:?6D6 A@=:46 F?:EDk^2m 2DD:8?65 E@ 92C2DD E96 72>:=J >6>36CD @7 r9:?6D6 5:DD:56?ED @G6CD62D 2D H6== 2D E@ DAC625 AC@q6:;:?8 4@?E6?E @?=:?6] %96 :?5:4E>6?ED 56D4C:36D E24E:4D D:>:=2C E@ E9@D6 56E2:=65 😕 E96 x$@@? 5@4F>6?ED[ w2CE9 D2:5] r9:?6D6 @77:4:2=D 92G6 244FD65 E96 &?:E65 $E2E6D @7 D:>:=2C 24E:G:EJ] &]$] @77:4:2=D :?4=F5:?8 uqx s:C64E@C r9C:D (2CJ 92G6 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD]4@>^2CE:4=6^73:49:?26DA:@?286924<:?853ab55he475gad6chgggda2bc2hh5c62QmC646?E=J 4@>A=2:?65k^2m 23@FE r9:?6D6 DE2E6 924<6CD A=2?E:?8 >2=H2C6 E92E 4@F=5 36 FD65 E@ 52>286 4:G:=:2? :?7C2DECF4EFC6]k^Am

kAm~? |@?52J[ |2@ }:?8[ 2 r9:?6D6 u@C6:8? |:?:DECJ DA@<6DH@>2?[ D2:5 E96 &]$] 8@G6C?>6?E 92D =@?8 366? H@C<:?8 E@ 4@>AC@>:D6 r9:?2’D 4C:E:42= :?7C2DECF4EFC6] $96 56>2?565 E96 &]$] “DE@A FD:?8 4J36CD64FC:EJ :DDF6D E@ D>62C @E96C 4@F?EC:6D]”k^Am

k9C ^m

kAmz2?8 C6A@CE65 7C@> r96?85F[ r9:?2] p! ;@FC?2=:DED s:5: %2?8 😕 (2D9:?8E@?[ s]r][ 2?5 {2CCJ u6?? 😕 }6H *@C< 4@?EC:3FE65 E@ E9:D C6A@CE]k^Am


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