Anchorage woman charged with bank fraud and identity theft

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) An Anchorage woman who calls herself an identity theft counselor has been arrested on bank fraud and aggravated identify theft charges.

A four-count indictment accuses Kara Hayden, Jr., 50, of scheming to get money from banks through fraud, including using personal information of former insurance clients to get credit cards, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Hayden applied for 17 credit cards using the names, social security numbers, and dates of birth of nine victims without their knowledge or authorization, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler.

Hayden got two credit cards before the federal investigation interrupted the alleged scheme, prosecutors say. Hayden got the cards using the personal identifying information of three of her former insurance clients. Hayden obtained approximately $14,500 in cash and goods prior to authorities stepping in.

Hayden’s professional online profile lists her as an identify theft specialist with a firm called Harvard Risk Management of Alaska.

“I do this because myself and my family now personally know that identity theft is not just about a financial problem. Once a criminal has your identity they can commit crimes in your name!” according to Hayden’s LinkedIn profile.

“Criminals can go to the hospital in your name, change your medical records, take your tax refund, charge your IRS records, get a driver’s license in your name and many other things,” the profile states.

State prosecutors, meanwhile, are trying to convict Hayden of forging public documents.

A grand jury indicted her on March 13, 2015 of two counts of forgery for allegedly sending documents to the Division of Motor Vehicles that purported to be dismissals of criminal convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol. Hayden’s driver’s license had been permanently revoked after multiple DUI convictions.

The DMV contacted the court to get official copies of the dismissals and was advised that the documents did not exist in the files.

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation looked into it and confirmed that the documents had been forged, prosecutors say in court papers.
Investigators got a search warrant and found copies of the forged documents in Hayden’s home office and other incriminating evidence on her computer.

Federal prosecutor Aunnie Steward said the Alaska Division of Insurance is also investigating Hayden’s activities.

Hayden’s professional profile lists her as the former owner of American & Veterans Preferred Life.

“I can help you transfer money from an IRA, 401K, CD or other areas where your money is being lazy and enter it into an annuity starting with a 30% bonus in 32 days! That’s just the beginning!” according to Hayden’s profile.


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