Andrew Auernheimer’s court appeal thrown out

Andrew Auernheimer he one who hacked into public servers of AT&T and gained access in November 2012. After he obtained access to thousands of email addresses of iPad owners, He’s currently facing a 41-month long jail term in Pennsylvania.

Now the Lawyers of Andrew Auernheimer said that they were racing to get Auernheimer out of the prison after a circuit judge on Friday.

Ekeland who handled the case of Andrew Auernheimer in November 2011 , After his wife met Auernheimer at Occupy Wall Street protest she said that the she was satisfied by the circuit court’s decision.

Defense Attorney Tor Ekeland said in an telephone interview that , “We’re scrambling right now to figure how to get him out.” “Right now we’re just focused on getting him out, because they have been holding him in a special housing unit,which is 6×11 cell where he gets out one hour a day.” They added.

Ekeland said that he never got an explanation from government that why the case have been brought in a New Jersey. The servers that they accessed were located in Dallas , Texas and Georgia.

Ekeland said that , “If the court had ruled the other way , you would have had universal venue in these kind of cases , computer frauds and abuse cases , and that would have had huge implications for the Internet and Computer Law.”


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