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I remember when only the best of the best won an Emmy.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in the midst of the pandemic, wrote a book on his heroic leadership navigating the crisis. Hollywood and the usual suspects sang his praises. The legend of Gov. Cuomo grew and this past November he was the proud recipient of an Emmy for his “masterful” pandemic briefings all the while undercounting and hiding the actual nursing home deaths by reportedly upwards of 60%.

Mainstream media is only now reporting this but this shouldn’t be a surprise as some have been screaming about this from the rooftops for over eight months, most notably Janice Dean who lost both her in-laws in New York nursing homes. To rescind the award would be punitive; the better course would be to just change the category to best nude scene, seeing as the emperor of the Empire State has no clothes. He has opened the door for others similarly deserving of the prestigious Emmy.

An Emmy for best death scene should go to Lana Zak of CBS News. It was a scene that is only rivaled by James Cagney’s in “White Heat.” Zak was eviscerated by Trump lawyer Michael Van Der Veen for her tone and framing of a question that minimized the seriousness of impeachment trial managers fabricating and doctoring evidence used in Trump’s impeachment trial. It was literally a drop the mic scene. See the video for yourself. But a warning, the scene is not suitable for children.

Also deserving an Emmy from the same production of the impeachment is the Senate impeachment managers for their now you see it now you don’t special effects.

In a last minute surprise decision, the managers voted to call witnesses causing pandemonium. When they realized the defense was going to call among its 300 witnesses Nancy Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and they would have to allegedly testify to the fact that Trump might have requested 10,000 troops on Jan. 6, in a feat of special effects to rival that of any CGI the witness request was gone and the trial over but for the votes.

Cameos are usually quick appearances but can be impactful and memorable and thus Emmy worthy (Think Will Smith in Anchor Man 2).

In January, playing the part of White House deputy press secretary, TJ Ducklo made his appearance. By February he was gone. I am sure he was scripted for a longer stint but appearances tend to be cut short when you threaten to “destroy” a reporter, in this case Tara Palmeri of Politico, doing a story on Ducklo’s relationship with an Axios reporter. Making “derogatory and misogynistic comments” also gets you limited face time. If you blinked you probably missed him but Emmy worthy nonetheless.

No Emmy presentation is complete without an in memoriam segment, a moment of silence and recognition for those that have passed on.

I don’t think that there is any question that recognized in this memoriam would be the millions of dollars lost to the grifters who brought us The Lincoln Project as well as its members who have dropped like flies. This political committee consisting of never Trump Republicans took millions in donations, some as high as seven figures from Trump Derangement Syndrome-afflicted Democrats including many high profile Hollywood liberals to prevent a second Trump term.

Now there is a spectacular implosion of the organization as allegations that the Lincoln Project protected co-founder John Weaver from allegations of being predatory and sexually harassing an ever increasing number of young men, some under their employ. Millions donated to an organization that was run like Tinder dating site. Millions of dollars gone too soon.

Finally, this is the part where the winners would like to thank God, their agent and of course Harvey Weinstein. Cue the music.

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