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Andrew Tate’s Business Partner Denies They ‘Branded’ Sex-Cam Girls, Says It’s More Like a Consensual Tattoo | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | | #dating

Misogynist influencer Andrew Tate was arrested on the charges of r*pe and human trafficking on December 29 in Romania. The Romanian authority, DIICOT, said that the Tate brothers are suspected of recruiting victims for an online p*rn scam. The investigation started after a 22-year-old woman reported that she was held against her will last year. After which the authorities raided his villa last month and arrested the Tate brothers along with two more suspects.

Andrew Tate arrested by the Romanian authorities

Updates related to the case have revealed that the women working under the misogynist influencer were branded with an “owned by Tate” tattoo. While the Tate brothers are kept under custody, a business partner of the former kickboxer has denied the claims made against him.

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Andrew Tate Branded His Victims With ‘Owned by Tate’

Andrew Tate was arrested over a week ago in Romania and is being held behind bars in the eastern European country. The authorities have been investigating the accused on the charges of r*pe and human trafficking of women.

Andrew Tate

New updates from the investigation have revealed that the influencer branded his victims.  According to a report from The Times, police sources have revealed that Tate used the words ‘owned by Tate’ to brand his victims.

The report also claimed that the former kickboxer was engaged in s*x trafficking. Daily Mail has also reported that the women were kept under surveillance and were abused physically and emotionally. Reports claim that he kept six women like prisoners at his compound.

Andrew Tate on the day he arrested
Andrew Tate was taken into the custody

It is also reported that Andrew Tate forced these women to feature in por**graphic content and sold them online. After his arrest, a Romanian judge gave the authorities permission to continue the investigation and keep him in custody for 30 days

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Andrew Tate’s Business Partner Denies Allegations Against Him

Andrew Tate’s business partner, Sebastian Vieru, has denied the allegations against him saying that no woman was forced to do anything. He said, “When you have 100 girls of your own, you do not have to force any women to do anything.” He claimed that having an ‘owned by Tate’ tattoo was similar to women having a tattoo of their boyfriend’s name.

Not much information about this business partner is available except that he is a business partner in one of Tate’s other businesses. Vieru also called his s*x-cam business legal saying that it is a “perfectly legal” business in Romania.

Andrew Tate could potentially be helped by friend Elon Musk.
Andrew Tate’s business partner denies allegations against him

The markings were inked on all Romanian women working for Tate and the 22-year-old American woman who accused Tate of sexual assault in 2022.

He was also featured in Channel 4’s Big Brother in 2016. However, soon after finding out that he was under investigation for an online s*x business, the producers of the show removed him from the show.

Reports revealed that the UK police were also investigating Andrew Tate under the charges of r*pe and throttling. However, before the investigation was closed, he moved to Romania allegedly because it was easier to evade r*pe charges there.

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Source: The Times of London


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