Android devices under attack by the SMS worm

A malware has been found by the researchers in the Android. The malware gets installed with the name of Selfmite and sends 20 messages to your contacts from your address book.
Mostly in the Android, the malware does not come alone. Instead, it comes along with some app but this Selfmite is an independent one and comes independently. The threat is here that these viruses will increase in the future. This is the second case of virus that has been detected in the Android.
In the text message from the Selfmite, the virus uses the name of the contact and send him or her the link to visit Selfmite on it.
If the user installs it, it will come into his or her app list simply. With the Mobogenie, it is easy to install the virus into the device because due to its referral programs, the attackers can easily enter and install the virus. Though, Mobogenie itself is a legitimate application store.


owever, it has been observed that users mostly get fooled and install the malware in the name of software. 

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