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Despite the accusation Angela Deme was an accessory to her daughter’s sex crimes, None of them have been proven.

However, she apparently housed Scotty in the same house where her six grandchildren lived.

What we know is that Scotty was at Angela’s house for cooking on the weekend of July 4th.

I have a video of her. And yes, the kids were there too. This is like freezing.

Scotty Deme has been convicted as part of an arrangement with the court.

She admitted that she had committed a sex crime against the boy.

Scotty was then sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Instead, in May 2020, Scotty was released during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She was only sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Scotty was released on parole … Parole ended in January of this year.

Scotty Deme, 90th Fiance Still

Scotty appeared in the franchise during Angela’s first season.

Whether TLC was unaware of the accusation against her, or simply unaware of it … it remains unclear.

This franchise has no good track record of excluding people with alarming and horrifying criminal records.

Skyradime explains concerns about surgery, habits

Since then, Angela’s on-screen interaction has been with another daughter, Skyra.

Skyra lives in Angela’s house, as does Angela’s six grandchildren. Some of them are Scotty’s homes.

Angela reportedly custody of Scotty’s children before being imprisoned.

Skyra Deme is not feeding Thoth an egg to anyone

This year, Independence Day is Sunday.

On the weekend of July 4, Angela cooked a small dish.

Some of her guests 90 days fiance Blogger John Yates and his husband, Cody.

John Yates, Skyra Deme, Angela Deme, Cody

Obviously, the camera was spinning most of the time.

At some point, John Yates went live from Angela’s kitchen (which is very familiar to viewers).

John was talking to another blogger, Charel Charel’s world..

Scotty Deme was found at Angela's house (through her mom saying bad words)

As conveniently emphasized by 90 days fiance Blogger That mom says bad words, You can see Scotty in the background.

Looking at sexual predators and knowing what they did is enough to get angry with someone, even if the details are ambiguous.

I know that a convicted monster is in a house with children … well, that’s even worse.

Scotty Deme, July 4, 2021, via John Yates

Later, John shared a video of Cody’s food devastation with him, as you can see in the video we included.

In the background behind the grill, you can see Angela’s grandson couple, Skyra and Scotty.

It has also been verbally revealed that some of the chicken is targeted at Scottie.

Angela Deme blames her husband.I smoke a pack for a day

Scotty’s name was said aloud.

A fan who just wanted to mistakenly assume that a cousin he had never seen before realized that he wasn’t.

Scotty was there. Why does Angela allow her around her children, or even in her home?

Angela Deme shouts obscene to her husband on the phone

“They don’t appreciate those kids at all, which is a shame,” said one Instagram commenter.

“Incredibly, this is allowed by law!” Another lament.

An additional believer commented, “I’m surprised that Scotty has been given her belief and is allowed to live with her children.”

Angela Deme shows off her ring

These fans are right.

There’s a lot to bring to the cookout on July 4th.

Sexual predators should never be part of the list. What’s going on

Angela Deme blends nasty smoothies

First of all, this doesn’t seem to be a violation … Scotty’s parole ended a few months ago.

There may be release conditions, but Scotty probably doesn’t violate the rules.

It’s a shame that our legal system doesn’t care much about children’s well-being.

Angela Deme flaunts platinum hair and dramatic weight loss

I don’t know if Scotty lived with Angela or was just visiting for a vacation.

However, the fans are indignant anyway.

Given the How well Angela reacts to criticism, She is unlikely to be impressed by the public protests.

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