Anglo-Irish cyber security task force sought in wake of Brexit

A leading Irish cyber-security expert has called for an Anglo-Irish Cyber Task Force to be set up in the wake of ongoing talks around Brexit.

Paul C Dwyer has claimed the ongoing negotiations are clearly failing to address the worries of the digital community and digital border in relation to data protection and cyber security.

Mr Dwyer, who is President of the International Cyber Threat Task Force, has said that so far the discussions around Brexit have focused very little on the implications or solutions for cyber security and data protection.

This is despite the concerns that those working in the area have about how the UK’s split from the EU will have on the laws governing these sectors.

As a result, Mr Dwyer said Ireland needs to take the lead on the issue and work with the British government to set up a joint cyber task force to concentrate on these challenges once Brexit has taken place.

He said the task force would co-ordinate a joint cross sector approach to tackling these issues and the specific challenges arising from the new EU cyber legislation.

Mr Dwyer pointed to the International Cyber Threat Task Force, which was set up seven years ago, as an example of such an organisation.

The group, made up of 4,000 professionals from 100 countries, aims to protect all those using the internet and support law enforcement.


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