Ann Summers boss Jacqueline Gold’s sex toy battle revealed in last major TV interview | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Jacqueline Gold, who died in March, spoke with Amanda Holden during an interview – and reflected on her experience that saw her turning from a work experience girl into a boss lady

Jacqueline Gold had a chat with Amanda Holden

Ann Summers entrepreneur Jacqueline Gold said all of her efforts building up the business were worth it in the last major interview before her death.

The businesswoman, who died in March, will be seen on a documentary discussing her rise to prominence from a work experience girl to boss lady. Ending the chat with Amanda Holden, she reflects: “When you look back at how difficult it was in the beginning, listening to everything I’ve heard today just makes it all so worthwhile.”

Ann Summers was bought by Jacqueline’s dad and uncle, David and Ralph Gold, in 1971. After joining on an internship as a 19-year-old in 1981, Jacqueline came up with a golden plan. A chance visit to a Tupperware party inspired her to start an Ann Summers version. She then transformed the brand by making it more female-friendly and it became a well-known high street store.

Jacqueline Gold with Ann Summers models Lelani (left) and Jackie(Sunday Mercury)

Recalling how the upturn began, Jacqueline tells Sex: A Bonkers History: “Women want to be able to empower themselves in the bedroom and buy sexy underwear. They want to buy sex toys, but they’re too embarrassed to go into a sex shop.

“So, I thought, great idea. I’m going to try and do some parties myself. And then eventually, after trying out some parties, I decided to take my idea to the board, which was an all-male board, and I was actually only 21 years old.

“Where people might be too embarrassed to go into a store or certainly back then, the parties really did create a very female, friendly, safe environment.” The Ann Summers parties were a roaring success with orders beginning to flood in and profits going through the roof.

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