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Anne Hathaway is the latest celebrity who is opening up about the struggles about being a mom during a lockdown. The world shut down when COVID-19 hit, and moms have been with their children. They are trying to keep them safe and entertained, all while trying to keep themselves calm, and it has not been easy. Celebrity moms have been opening up about the struggles they have been facing, and it helps. It helps everyone feel like they are normal and that everyone is going through the same things.

According to People, Anne Hathaway is opening up about what she has struggled with during this pandemic, and it is incredibly relatable. She said that every mom feels like they are doing everything wrong, but that it is important to be kind to yourself during these times.

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She also expressed disdain for something that a lot of moms can relate to, the laundry. When she was asked what has been the biggest challenge during the lockdown, she said the laundry. Anne has two young sons with her husband Adam Shulman, she has Jonathan, 4, and Jack, 1. And it seems that being home more has made her realize just how many clothes there are to wash.

She also explained that she really tries to find the silver lining in any situation and that she doesn’t want to see this whole year as just a set of challenges. She said that as a mom, she has found a lot of opportunities as well.

According to The Daily Telegraph, she added that in the beginning, it was easy to feel like everything you were doing was wrong, because it was a learning curve for everyone on a different way of living. She also said that she learned an important lesson throughout it all and that is the way we live and love is what people will remember most about us.

This piece of advice can hit really true for moms out there. Moms who go to bed at night thinking that they didn’t finish the laundry, or they didn’t finish all the errands and chores they had. They feel like they have failed, but when everything is said and done, that is not going to be what people remember about us. Our children won’t remember that we forgot to wash their favorite shirt, they will remember that we read them that extra story or sat with them on the couch as they watched their favorite show. Those are the moments that matter.

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Sources: People, The Daily Telegraph

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