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We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Patreon! Patreon is a platform for supporting creators by monthly donations, with subscribers receiving special perks as a thank you for their support.

This is where you can subscribe to support what we have going on at Alien vs. Predator Galaxy and enjoy exclusive perks for doing so! We are the oldest and largest Alien, Predator, and AVP fan-site on the internet, since expanding into other avenues such as YouTube, social media networks, and podcast going over a decade strong. We do our best to provide well-researched and quality content for fans, as well as exclusives such as never before available scripts from the films.

Moving forward, there is lots to look forward to for these franchises, and your support helps tremendously in empowering us to devote more time and energy to creating new content such as podcasts, interviews and editorials.

As an exclusive for our supporters, we’re launching a new podcast called ‘Genetic Memory,’ where we discuss movies, gaming, and other media that is tangentially related to Alien and Predator such as films that the cast and crew worked on like Dark Star, and films that influenced or are coincidentally similar Alien or Predator such as Planet of the Vampires or Without Warning.

We will also cover the blatant rip-offs of Alien and Predator such as Inseminoids, and more modern projects that owe a lot to Alien and Predator like Scorn and Dead Space. Our first Genetic Memory episode is on Dark Star and is available now to all subsciber tiers on Patreon!

Head on over to our Patreon page to learn more, or click the image below!

Since our early days, we’ve offered our community members the option to subscribe to our website to support us and enjoy website perks. This subscriber system will be fully phased out and replaced with Patreon by the start of October, but anyone who has already purchased a lifetime subscription will have site benefits maintained as a legacy subscriber and will have a specialized icon.

We will have a dedicated page on our site listing our supporters with their subscription tiers, we will thank our supporters with a special end card on our YouTube videos, and we will thank new supporters during our podcast episodes. New Patrons will have the same website perks that were part of our subscriptions, as well as our new benefits from Patreon.

Moving forward after our Patreon launch, we will be engaged with our supporters, updating you on our plans and further perks for our fan community. Check out the membership listings and recent posts for the latest on current extras for our supporters. Thank you for your consideration!

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