#Anon #Newz Anonymous Hackers Ratted Out By Infiltrators

#Anon #Newz Anonymous Hackers Ratted Out By Infiltrators rt.com A law enforcement operation that ended with the arrest of 25 hackers in Europe and South America was not the result of police intelligence but rather an informers’ job within the hacker community, claims Anonymous. As well as launching a cyber-assault on Interpol’s website, the hacker group appears to be conducting its own investigation in order to find out how police managed to break through its veil of anonymity. In a statement on Anonymous’ Spanish-language website, the group said that the arrests were down to the “carelessness” of the parties involved. They had apparently given “personal details to spies and people who were not members” of the organization. “This wave of arrests was not the product of intelligence or technical wizardry on the part of Interpol, like they want you to believe. They were done using a much more deplorable technique: the use of spies and informants within the collective,” says Anonymous. According to the group, the fact that certain members had not participated in a hacking operation for some time, and were all active on the same server (anonworld.info) that “had been under surveillance as of May last year” marked them out as infiltrators. The group of hackers that suffered the most as a result of the Interpol raid is known as Sector404. The others were unsophisticated activists who participated in denial-of-service attacks. The hacker community is also busy verifying who

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