Anonymous – An Official Message (ACTA)

The impending threat of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and the implications on our freedom and access to information and resources has brought us to…

High Tech Crime Solutions,,,

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25 thoughts on “Anonymous – An Official Message (ACTA)

  1. Chad Slappey

    Notice that this was posted in 2009. Sometimes propaganda from extremists
    turns out to be reality. It’s almost movie-like that no one listens.

  2. kelly mcguire

    .. We are anonymous…. We will not Forgieve…. We will never Forget…..
    come together as one and lets stop the censorship ans opression and lets
    love and laugh and enjoy life together as a global community, nobody better
    than anyone else….. everyone helps efveryone and is open to there own
    views and opinions and able to speak freely and openly…..

  3. Gaétan Bouchard

    The impending threat of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and the
    implications on our freedom and access to information and resources has
    brought us to this point. This is an intended declaration of war, we will
    not stop until this global legislation has been terminated.
    We will deploy the full extent of our resources to ensure the death of this
    agreement which threatens net neutrality and anonymity and would give power
    to governments wishing to snoop on our internet usage as well as the right
    to interfere.

  4. antonis arvanitidis

    STOP praying do somethink damn it all to the streets!

  5. MrGeoz88

    @joseohcoolkid1 No you ‘re wrong m8 Not 3 Years.. Since The Day The y found
    the Internet Idea

  6. Mitchel White

    Every person no matter ethnicity, cause, faith, or politics would fight
    alongside each other to bring about a revolution not against out governors
    or leaders. But against corporate interest before the needs of the people.
    if it passes let those you know can fight beside you and start an uprising
    that will surly be the end of this corrupt age.


    well if acta is becoming the law we will be one step closer to the system
    like soviet union was but this time the system will win (the internet bird
    will be caget and no longer sing its beutiful song)

  8. duerdum9

    @kittenvideosareawwww Hey 12 years old kiddo, or someone who got NO
    knowledge at all – Are you stupid? People can just execute people because
    they threat people… Idiot.

  9. 2906terminator

    Well this is fun, Soviet Union where are you to keep the political leaders
    busy so that they cant fuck with the internet like this. Anonymous you once
    again have my full support

  10. EdvinErikssonMovies

    we are anonymous we are legiond we do not forgive we do not forget expect us

  11. TheVerandaguy

    Anonymous, I support practically everything you do (except when you DDOS’d
    PayPal – I’ve got cash there!), but simply modifying your actual voices
    using software – of which there must be hundreds of kinds – rather than
    using a synthesizer would make listening to your messages much more

  12. kakasirares

    If this shit will be approved we need elite hackers to teach each one to
    break theyr sistem. And you the hackers prove that this sistem is a
    bullshit. If we make comments and like videos nothing will gonna change so
    everyone must take messures

  13. Yuliyan Petrov

    @BackyYard I will die if i have to for my liberty in the internet !!!!

  14. Isabelle Chezc

    21./23. 12. 2012 is either: 1. acta passes 2. Anonymous will fucking tear
    up our whole fucking governments!!!!!!! … If i could chose, I’d take the
    second choice! WE THE PEOPLE

  15. pokemonatheart

    So that why everyone says the worlds gunna end 2012 acta is gunna pass stop
    them anonymous

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