Anonymous avanges homless’ death on police

A police spokesman confirms The Albuquerque Police Department official was attacked by a hacktvist group called Anonymous and important data leaked. 
 The website in question had been down on Sunday. Priorily, the same group has posted a video on video sharing allegedly showing Albuquerque Police shooting a homless man James Boyd.
 On Twitter, “Anonymous” took credit for crashing the site and the group tweeted the home addresses of several police officials. APD said Sunday’s cyber threat has not affected public safety communications, so response services are OK. The police department’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are also down.
 APD disabled them in anticipation of a cyber-attack. Anonymous is also taking credit for crashing the city of Albuquerque’s website. A city spokesperson said the website was down for about five minutes. He wouldn’t confirm if it was because of anonymous.

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