Anonymous Denmark targets Socialist Party (SF) for signing Internet surveillance bill

The online hacktivist Anonymous has target Denmark’s political party (Socialistisk Folkeparti, SF in Danish language) for signing and passing mass Internet surveillance bill from the parliament yesterday.

Despite criticism from experts and human right organizations, the Danish parliament approved bill that will allow government to keep track of user’s activity on the Internet. This has been done through an approval of the controversial bill on the Center for Cyber ??Security.


Anonymous Denmark seems unhappy with the surveillance bill and decided to leak confidential information of officials at Socialistisk Folkeparti, SF party. Anonymous left a brief message on Pastebin along with personal details of 22 officials and database of SF party’s official website. 

The leaked data contains names, emails, encrypted passwords, social security numbers, addresses, city and zip codes. While the message states that: 

Today, the 11th June 2014, you revealed your true colors after signing the latest bill for the Danish “Center for cyber-security”. For months we have observed your hypocritical attitude towards the issues of privacy violations. You must be proud of your achievement of expanding the Danish surveillance system yet again and again. You all wish for more privacy, but only for yourself, not your citizens. We know government is existing to govern, and as we all know: when government fear its citizens, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. We do not see much liberty in Denmark, but lots of tyranny.

In the second paragraph, Anonymous Denmark announcing the retaliation against the surveillance bill: 

In retaliation for another violation of privacy, lack of acting in favor of the people you are supposeded to represent and for repeated political failures, we decided to attack one of the political parties, who voted for this bill today. Today, to show that karma is truly a bitch, we give you a leak from the Danish political party SF, including logins belonging to party members, and best of all, social security numbers (cpr) belonging to these corrupt tyrants!

An important point of this leak is that Anonymous only leaked personal information on parliament elected politicians, who voted for the surveillance law.

We have chosen only to share the data on parliament elected politicians, as they are the ones, who voted for the new law. The Others will not be released, according to a pastie on Pastebin.

In the end, Anonymous requested whistleblowers and other hacktivists to speak against the government policies: 

We are strongly encouraging whistleblowers and other hacktivists to reveal, what our politicians will try to keep away from the general public.

The leaked data along with the message is still available here.

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