‘Anonymous’ hacker targets Straits Times website – 01Nov2013

SINGAPORE: A hacker claiming to be part of the Anonymous collective broke into the Straits Times website on Friday, a day after the group purportedly posted …

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25 thoughts on “‘Anonymous’ hacker targets Straits Times website – 01Nov2013

  1. Dann Yvra

    You can’t kill Anon! There are millions in this world. Anybody can be Anon
    & you wouldn’t realize it. It can be your family members, love ones,
    neighbor, friends, colleagues or someone you may sit with beside you on the
    bus or on the subway.

  2. Niklas Weber

    Jesus Singapore! Get your self together!

  3. awaken126

    I think this is all acted up to suck up 130 mil of our money

  4. EverIastinq

    Could The Straits Times hack itself and try to frame Anonymous for hacking
    them? Making Anonymous seem like the villain? Questions, confusion,

  5. Phoenix Wright

    Taxpayers money. Singapore is really pathetic in its cyber security.

  6. Muhd Hairul

    Like anonymous mentioned…fbi and nsa have been punk’d by them so what’s
    ida and $130m to them??? Its mentioned in the video…I like them!!!

  7. Henry Minjoot

    Tell me who are the “good” guys ??? What about intimidation by the S’pore
    Govt ??? Is that ok too ???

  8. Zulkifly Ironhide

    I have a question..where did the govt get 130million????!!!!n they just
    spent it…

  9. Archangel Sierra

    Well unfortunately bro,that’s how they are tearing countries
    apart…Singapore can’t do shit for now.. taking FBI,NSA and pentagon
    getting intruded already.

  10. Duncan Edwards

    xDiffusion – are you really, really so stupid. Sorry for being rude, but
    are you? What do you know about them? What do they really want? Do you
    realise that if they ‘bring Singapore down’ you will lose money? If the
    world loses faith and trust in Singapore then that is the end of Singapore
    – we have no resources only money and IP.

  11. Syafiq Jasper

    Singaporean government always thinks their better the anybody but actually
    their thinking is wrong, the way they talk like they know it all, I say
    anonymous can’t be stop

  12. Sabrina Gongju

    Is anonymous a good person or not ?

  13. Muhd Rosshan Singapore

    this one just act. dont dislike meh