Anonymous Hackers Of Facebook Private

Greetings! Citizens of the Philippines. It has come to our attention that you really don’t know what Anonymous is. Anonymous is nothing but of an idea. An id…

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25 thoughts on “Anonymous Hackers Of Facebook Private

  1. samuel simanson

    lol i have ur ip lol trying to be us

  2. Dallas Terry

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  3. M6mmikeGaming

    Your not anonymous if you tell your name xD

  4. jon aishie

    A real hacker speaks ..not types dumbo

  5. Lim ze shan

    I can not control, I want to laugh; because a real hacker (anonymous), they
    can not show their real name .

    The second error – How about that you have 2 Facebook account..?

    The third error – CMD Command “Tree” just show your File location .

    You think too much, imagine that you’re Anonymous, you can suck my dick,
    come to Hack my Facebook Using your “Tree”

  6. Adam Rilwan

    u r not hacker ………

    tree lol we all know

  7. Navin v

    First of All You F****k how dare you call yourself a Annon.Just Doin some
    netstat and tracert command’s won’t make you a hacker. You are just a spoon
    feeding baby with No Idea even what to Do with your computer.So shut Of
    your stupid fake hacking workshop and move your f**** a** to some other
    useful work.

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  8. Nestor Simpson

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  9. Pjuklas VII

    You are not Anonymous,
    Accualy you are not even a hacker,
    You use comands like tree, netstat, ping, those are comands for the local
    parameters.Its not right to pretend to be someone your not.

  10. 7Floricica

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  11. Courteney Dellerue

    You dont act like anonymous

  12. Joery Van Nammo

    HahaAnonymouse? i know your. name and were you come from your from the
    phillipines like me… 

  13. Courteney Dellerue

    If anything I’m anonymous

  14. FXLouie

    If he/she was a person, he/she wouldn’t have a YouTube account.

  15. avicii962

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  16. Dark98655

    You’re filipino.. Im filipino too

  17. KingDarkness6666

    Hackers wouldn’t go for Facebook it’s a social network site c’mon real
    hackers hack into government files and banks 

  18. Tom Eastman

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