Anonymous – Hacks Fox News Live

High Tech Crime Solutions,,,

25 thoughts on “Anonymous – Hacks Fox News Live

  1. Surfliner486

    Can’t you realize this is fake he’s been edited over the video 

  2. Katniphutcherson

    This is so faake… If fox was hacked they would shut down the show for the

  3. Ty Alexander

    We Are Anonymous, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget…

  4. Raine Isis

    They scare me but i’m starting to think they’re doing this all for a good
    reason but im not sure

  5. TheBrotherhoodLegacy

    This guy isn’t anon he says everything opposite to what us Anons believe!
    This guy is trying to make them seem bad

  6. GCIM_Productions

    Its fun being with them once we were on this hotel game and we blocked the
    pool of and made a swatatstaka out of black guys with afros in suits

  7. LucaLuca Chan

    yeup this is real al’righ!!!

  8. jazzmine Bule

    hOw THe HeLL Did they do that that’s sick but ahhh

  9. bob marley

    I work with them.Dude we are normal people that are standing up for the
    average person.And yes i helped them hack in to fox news that time.There
    were 21 people counting me.It was fun.

  10. Taylor Fouse

    Annoynomos is creepy as hell he haS a weird mask and I’m starting to think
    he’s a killer

  11. Lilly Munoz

    Is this the same anonymous that is on msp?

  12. weegeehaterGAME

    Actually this is a real event from fox. Because anonomus is a real page and
    a real channel. for they are anonomus, they hide in the shadows, expect
    them….. :-D

  13. TvMiners

    I was atching this at 2:45 am this is scary as fuck!

  14. Teodor Pirnat

    what does the ‘anonymous’ team want to do?????pls tell me

  15. Alex Garrett

    Lmfao, this is real. My grandma and friend both saw it.

  16. ItsStalkker


  17. Louis Buscus

    Everyone its not a person its a group and there trying to good

  18. Knighto

    Guys I saw the comments and people say its fake well it’s not that actually
    happend I saw it