Anonymous Hacktivists to attack countries supporting ISIS

Anonymous, the hacktivist collective, has intimated that it plans to launch a series of cyber attacks against nations funding or arming Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the most extreme faction of al-Qaeda, according to media reports.

Jasper Hamill, a contributor to Forbes, claimed that sources within Anonymous have confirmed that they will launch ‘Operation NO2ISIS’ campaign, most likely to start from next week, against three target states (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar) alleged to assist the ISIS.


“We plan on sending a straightforward message to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all other countries that evidently supply ISIS for their own gain,” the source said.

Although Saudi Arabia has dismissed Iraqi prime minister Nouro al-Maliki’s claim that it arms and fund ISIS, the collective group does not want to dismiss the claim because the country’s link to disturbing activities in the past as well [it is Osama bin Laden’s homeplace.]

Anonymous plans to blast the government websites of the target states with DDoS attacks, said Hamill quoting the source.

“In the next few days we will begin defacing the government websites of these countries so that they understand this message clearly,” added the source.

The hacktivists group explained why the attack was planned against countries assisting them and not the ISIS directly.

“We are unable to target ISIS because they predominately fight on the ground. But we can go after the people or states who fund them.”

ISIS is supposedly a bit naïve and underdeveloped when it comes to harnessing the cyber power unlike the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which made to news for compromising The New York Times and Forbes.

Apparently, ISIS supporters had hijacked a twitter handle @theanonmessage and posted dozens of violent graphic images on its timeline. It real owner was shocked to learn about the handle breach and said the attack mimicked the tactics employed by the SEA.

The source admitted that they were taken off guard.

“We didn’t expect a bunch of ragtags to do any damage. The ISIS hacking techniques were very similar to hacks done by the Syrian Electronic Army, so that’s pretty interesting.”

Although ISIS has stayed away from cyber attacks so far, but if that becomes a possibility in the near future, it has to be feared. One false tweet from an AP account wiped USD 90 billion from the US stock market and it is better not to imagine what could happen if ISIS and SEA links are true.

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